We’re very happy that the first boat is now on duty at the shores of Lesbos.
See report on BBC-New
We already see what a difference this boat makes and we want to continue enabling the volunteer lifeguards doing their life-saving work. Leveraging on the experience made with the first boat we’re actively exploring other spots where help is urgently needed.

On Chios we are in touch with the SMH (Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario) from Spain who are there on duty since November 2015. They are working tirelessly with a proficient team and they are saving lives every single day. The lifeguards from Spain are very experienced with bad weather conditions as they normally operate at the Atlantic coast near to the Gulf of Biscay. Currently they use a small boat that is only rented. The monthly rent already costs lots of money and thus they urgently need a boat of their own that is also capable to hold more people.

The team is trained on an Atlantic 75, the once standard boat of the RNLI in the UK, a very sturdy, large boat with 2 engines with a capacity of up to 23 people in addition to the crew. Especially as the weather conditions are getting worse people have to be pulled out of the water as quickly as possible.
We’re committed to purchase a used but completely refurbished Atlantic 75 with new engines. This is saving lots of money compared to purchasing a new boat and they are still able to use the boat for a long time, with as little downtime as possible.

We will also provide the lifeguards with much needed tools like stretchers for difficult terrain conditions, floating stretchers and binoculars.

Please support us to save lives in Chios, too.

Due to the nature of better place.org projects, we have to partition the actual cost for the boat and its extras in order to fit into the project format. The boat alone will cost 33,000 Euros.
You can spend on our bank-account with the reference „rescueboat“

Verein Kinder auf der Flucht e.V.
Konto-Nr: 3330230
BLZ: 83094495
IBAN: DE85 8309 4495 000 3330 230
at EthikBank

or via betterplace-form below:

Rescue Boat for Spanish Liveguards on Chios

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